Currently located in the Austin, Texas, Blake Beamer is a senior graphic designer and art director. Blake calls Lexington, Kentucky his home, as he graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Integrated Strategic Communication. He got his start in print advertising and traditional media. Since then he's discovered a passion for art direction and strategic brand application. 
Blake takes pride in being a student of design as he learns new concepts and skills on a daily basis. He learns, practices, teaches and leads several aspects of creative design: branding, digital/web strategy, print/prepress, motion/animation, strategic marketing, etc.
Talent, hard work and his passion for sports brought opportunities to work with several top 25 athletics programs across the country:
University of North Carolina Athletics
East Carolina University Athletics
University of Utah Football 
University of Texas Athletics

His work has also been published through several entertainment outlets:
Sunday Night Football on NBC
Golf Channel
SEC Network

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